very important.


Now I do my graduation project & it is still 3 more weeks to submitt it & please I need your helping.

My Question is I think regrading to modeling:

After I export my .blend file there are errors because the exporter didn’t support them that are>>e.g:

(useBones { armR forearmR grabR jacket }
numVerts 8
vertWeights { 2559, 0.1818182, 0.3636364, 0.0909091, 0.3636364} // vertex is associated to more than 4 bones in blender !! skip some bone association (was associated to 5 bones).)

I just want to make the vertex to associate with 4 or less bones…>that only for making a correct exporting…


What format are you exporting as?

Are you exporting as a different format, or saving a .blend file?

What application are you trying to use your exported rig with?

I just use the script(marmalade cross platform app".group") to convert .blend file then using it in marmalade.
The application is (((marmaladde))).

Now my Qiestion is:
how I can overcome and change the number f bone that associated with each vertices??

I’m new to blender:(

Game engines really hate when too many bones try to control a group of vertices. In your Armature settings, do not use automatic weights. Instead, use ‘Vertex Groups’. Create a Vertex Group named ‘foreArmR’ and add all the vetrs in your model’s forearm to that group. Name the Bone you wish to control the forearm with the exact same name. Now those verts will only be influenced by that bone and no others.

If I already have a model (Armature)with that vertices What should I do?

Make Vertex Groups and rename the bones to match. Only use Vertex Groups with your armature. Don’t use Weight.