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(CrimsonX84) #1

I just finished watching the Screensavers at Techtv (after watching Eyedrops— cool animation show) and they talked about a site for 3d CGI.
It has a bunch of resources and textures, etc. It also has a couple of Blender Tutorials! Check it out if you guys have the time :smiley:

([email protected]) #2

Hi Crimson,

I also watched the new eyedrops. “Very cool show”!

starting out with the balls and horns clip was great .

about 3d buzz being mentioned on tech tv, they forgot to tell people that
Buzz is handing out learning cd`s for Maya and Max.

the cd`s are very well done and far excede the price!

while your there check out the Cristen contest in the forums!!! :smiley: