Very large objects disappear in 3D view

I’m having a problem with very large objects disappearing from the 3D view, in both orthographic and perspective. Rotating the camera will make parts of them visible but it’s still essentially impossible to work with. Obviously the normal solution would be to scale the object down but I’m using camera motion imported from Icarus and it’s exaggerated and the scene has to be huge to match it. Is there a way to fix this problem? I checked the view settings but could not find a draw distance for the 3D view.

Goto View >> View Properties and set your ClipEnd value higher


Aww, sonofa…

I was looking in the View&Controls button in the user preferences menu.


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edit: Spoke too soon… the maxiumum value isn’t big enough. In fact, it makes almost no difference.

both cameras and the 3d view have customizable clip start/end

if you can’t go far enough you WILL have to scale everything down

Like I said, the motion from Icarus is scaled wrong, there’s nothing I can do about it unless I can fix the motion, and I already asked and nobody knew how to fix the motion. Or rather, they had some ideas, but unfortunately none of them worked. :frowning:

A while back I did an ICARUS project with success.

Now that I have a fairly good quality DVcamera, I am trying ICARUS again, v 2.09 this time. The script doesn’t work with Blender 2.40, so I installed the last version, 2.37a

So far I am having the same problems as you. I figure that I may fix it by ensuring that the FPS are the same in ICARUS and in Blender. I may have to export the video from ICARUS too. not sure.

wouldnt scaling EVERYTHING down work?

Yes it would, see this thread:

No, it wouldn’t. Scaling it doesn’t do anything unless you parent the camera to an empty first and scale the empty. You should know that, WeirdHat, since you suggested it :stuck_out_tongue: .