very little projekt

([Pyrael]) #1

hi folks,

the partikels are createt with blender the rest are work in PS hope u enjoy it G
this is a idea to greade a gread style for my site if u have tips tellme[/img]

(dreamsgate) #2

Way cool. Very nice effect.

(Jolly Gnome) #3

Ay, that is greatlooking :slight_smile:
But the scan-line effect little bit ruins it (makes it too “blurry”), it might be better without them…

(blengine) #4

hhooo beautiful scene! i personally love scanline affects on everything! how did u do scanline in photoshop…i do it the really hard way and im pretty sure no one else uses it, lol

(Jolly Gnome) #5

doing scanlines in PS is quite easy, you just have to make a pattern (2 pixels large, with white and black pixel) and make a new layer which you’ll fill with it. Then just play around with the layer’s blending settings (you know, the “multiply”, “screen”, “color dodge”, etc.). Note that the scanline layer must be on top of the layers which you want it to affect…

I really don’t know any easier way to do that… :slight_smile:

(Stungun) #6

hey! that style is pretty ok!

the scanlines give it a cool look
it looks as if it could be a cool SNES intro screen :smiley: !

  • Stungun