Very low fps when entering sculpt mode. Fixes when I zoom out and back in

So I’ve been sculpting a model, but I didn’t really like the face too much so I duplicated the head geometry and worked on changing it. Afterwards I duplicated a new body and bridged the head edge loops to the body and fixed the area. Both are sculpted with dyntopo. Now after them being merged when I enter sculpt mode I get very bad FPS when navigating the viewport. If I zoom out and back in it is fine. If I use the undo or change my brush it gets low fps until I zoom out again. There are no modifiers on the mesh. Any idea what is going on?

I also attempted loading the model into a new blend file the issue persists.

If I attempt to sculpt on the original body it works fine. Something about merging the head with the body caused this issue.

Is there any chance that you share the .blend files? If you don’t want to share it, at least you share screenshots of the Blender interface and Dyntopo settings you use.

How many vertices does the model have where you have no problems, and how many vertices does the problematic model have?
What is your hardware? (CPU, GPU, amount of RAM)

I’ve had similar slow FPS rates when in sculpt mode. Not sure what causes it but for me it only seems temporary.

Switching brushes or out into object mode and back again seems to resolve it for me.

Ok, if more than one user is having similar problems, to have more possibilities to find the cause of the problem it would be good if everyone mentions Blender used version, CPU, GPU and amount of RAM in the system. Also if this only happens with Dyntopo. Share a scene where the problem is reproducible.
Both of you, have you tried the latest development version from buildbot (2.83).

If the problem does not occur in 2.83, it would also be good for you to test in 2.82 beta.

So I’m not sure what caused the problem, but I was able to export it as an OBJ and import it and it works. It has to be some kind of bug after combining the head and the body with a bridge edge loop or something. It’s 600k verts but my PC can easily handle the original 600k vert model. I’ll see if the blend file works with the newer version.

I have the same issue when the mesh gets dense. If I start sculpt mode zoomed in I need to look around or zoom out and the framerate will become smooth again. This happens with and without Multiresolution modifier. No Dynotopo activated. For one mesh I noticed this I did duplicate some parts but when recreating the issue it was basically a fresh default cube with a dense Remesh.

This happened in 2.81 and 2.82 on Windows 7 and I could recreate it in 2.81 in Os X.

Where do I report this to make developers aware? I’m a semi-advanced user but new to the community.