Very Low Poly Male [First Character][Unity)

Hey guys so working on my first character hoping to get textured and rigged for Unity.
It’s far from perfect or even done.

As you can see it’s not near anything complete.
Allot of detail missing from the Head, hands and feet.
Any critique or Comments Appreciated.
Welcome to point out some areas i can improve.

I think you’re starting your model with too many faces, making it then more difficult for you to build its base shape.
You should start much simpler and resist adding edge loops too much before you feel the base shape is satifying.
This way you can shape the model much more easily, personnally i would go with something like this by example :

Then once you have a simple but satisfying to your eyes base shape, you can add some edge loops and then modify your base shape into something that would fit more with your vision.

Remember to give a try to the sculpt mode, not for sculpting, but to modify a base shape with the grab brush it can sometime more usefull than moving the vertices in edit mode with proportionality enabled.