Very Low Poly Ship

I made this ship in about 5 minutes, it was low poly, so I thought i could put it on here. It is only 312 vertices and ran at 45 fps on my computer.



Low Poly Ship.blend (136 KB)

Enjoy! :eyebrowlift2:

Pretty good! What about textures?

if 312 verticies runs 45 fps on your computer, you should consider investing in a new computer…

Hey, Blended Frog, d’you like what I’ve done to your ship?:D:D:D…lol


2k_Poly_Ship.blend (267 KB)

312 verts at 45 FPS? Oof. What speed do any other games run on your computer??

That runs at 50 FPS for me, with Mozilla Firefox and the GIMP running, and AVG.