Very Low Poly Tree for GE

Hello, seeming that I’d be breaking rules on BlendSwap, Im uploading this here. I made this low poly tree with leaves and a texture after watching this tutorial:

I modeled the tree - I know my modeling is crap but it’s… understandable?
I textured it too, if you didn’t already notice, that’s my weak point. :o
The bark texture comes from Google.
The leaves texture comes form the producer of the video.
154 faces per tree.
You can download it here.

You can use this for whatever you want, and no, you don’t have to credit me!
This is my ‘thank you’ to the community. :wink:

you forgot to pack the textures :wink:

Thank you and sorry about that! Updated download link.

Nice to see that the tutorial worked :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll have more up soon.


thanks…tutorial what i need…