Very neat free tool

I was surfing around a bit yesterday and came across something silly, which turns out to be rather nice.

At there’s a file called

Has a tiny program in it called magnify.exe. Basicly it runs a small extra window on top of everything that magnifies whatever your mouse goes over. It seemed rather silly and useless when I tried it, but it works great in combination with blender. Having a detailed view of what you’re working on as well as the regular one. And you can set the magnification as well.


Something along those lines comes with Nvidea driver packs. Never could work out why they bothered… :-? :-? :-?

Hey did you know that you can zoom in on your renders (only in DispWin) by pressing Z-Key with your cursor over the render and then using + and - to zoom in and out?

For the interested parties %|
There is a magnify utility (or something similar) available on the win98se cd called “Accessibility Tools” under “Add/Remove Programs Properties” -> “Windows Setup” -> “Accessibility”. It’s probably available on all the different versions, I guess.

anyways, just thought I’d mention it.

Ripsting you can also left click on your render in the render window to get real colour values for the pixel beneath your mouse cursor.
ie R=128,G=89,B=159
These figures are displayed in the bottom left corner of the render window.


xyr@no… I had no idea… cool, I’ll have me a looksee.

zooming in on your renders is news to me too… see post something stupid and learn something usefull. :wink:

magnify is cool. thanks.

with the hide border selected, its looks part of blender. i kept it in the bottom right.

maybe im a little dim, but whats the point? :expressionless:

Detail sir, for examining your renders/models in high detail. I find it excellent help when trying to get mesh deformation to look spot on when using armatures. Or when I need to scrutinise textures and how they are being mapped etc.

I just find it one of Blender’s most useful tools.


also i can save the current focus point window as a image file.

yo hooooooooo.

Hmmm the windows magnifier is neat but it doesn’t run as smooth as the high logic one, and has less options (that’s in winxp). I’m still enthusiastic.

Oh and actually I found the software cause I was playing with their font creator… neat stuff. and creates some neat options in combination with Elefont. I’m using some abstract fonts in combination with blender now… will post something in the WIP forum later on maybe.