Very new, a couple questions

Excuse me for asking what is probably obvious, but for the most part I am very new at this. The last 3D software I used way Raydream 5 quite a few years ago. I tried this in a newbie forum, but received no responses.

I want to use Blender to add a few elements to a Super8 film project that is 25 years old. I have the film already transferred to an AVI file for editing.

What I hope to do is add a UFO to a couple of scenes such as people looking up in the sky, travelling through space, etc… Not very complex although I would like to have a fairly decent UFO model.

There is no doubt that Blender could handle the UFO. My question here is what kind of learning curve is required to build a simple model? I’m looking at the standard rotating disc around a centre, some lights on the edge, perhaps a dome. I’d also want to introduce motion blur so it appears to be more real instead of a stop motion model.

The second question is in regards to taking this model and getting it in the film. I assume it can be rendered with a transparent background so it could be inserted as a video layer in the editor? Is this a safe assumption?

Now, keep in mind I am not looking to spend months building and animating a model nor am I looking at some kind of feature film quality. Perhaps there is a better idea outside of 3D modeling. If someone can give me the scoop on this software and/or point me in a different direction to save me many hours of aggrevation I would appreciate it.

Oh, this would need to work on a Vista machine. I believe I have enough power under the hood to handle the software without waiting days to render.

Thanks in advance.


Hi there, I’m also a complete n00b at all things 3d. I’ve been playing with Blender for about 3-4 weeks now. for the UFO, a simple solution, or at least the first thing I would try would be to use the spin tool to make a simple UFO. Here is a tutorial about that:

As far as the rest, I have no clue…

I use Blender on a Vista machine without any problems. You can learn to model in 30 minutes, following the First Model in 30 Minutes tutorial located at

In answer to your second question: you would render your UFO animation out to an image sequence set using the PNG image format in RGBA format. See

Then, using the Video Sequence Editorin Blender, you import your old avi in as layer 1, your image sequence set as layer 2, and then alphaover layer 2 ontop of layer 1, creating your composite that superimposes the ufo images onto the avi. Where the ufo image is transparent, the background avi image shows through.


Thank you for the quick responses.
This is good to know. I think then that I can accomplish my effects without spending a year just learning the software. I don’t recall feeling that RayDream was impossible and build a complex model quite easily. Perhaps it is just the massive power that Blender seems to posses that scared me.
I’ll give it a go once I get the basic editing figured out. All new software on a new OS so many months ahead of me.
Thanks again.

Blender is free, not free as in beer, but free as in freedom to modify. The cost is time spent learning and contributing to its progression. It is not simple, or simplistic. But then, CG and artifical realism is not simple, nor simplistic.

I will certainly not underestimate it nor will I expect it to be simplistic. Of that you can be sure. I hope I can just do it some justice. The film requring the CG will be the last that I get to. While working on the simple ones that will come first I’ll be also working on learning Blender so, hopefully, it all comes together at the same time when I’m ready for the one that needs the UFO.
At the very least I’ll have a hobby for the next year or more and it’s been something I’ve sort of missed doing.