very nice kitchen... with everything in it!!!

(bverlaan) #1


here’s my kitchen. (ecsually it’s my dad’s soon, his new kitchen)
I made it with the buildingplan pictures of the kitchen and with some information about the colours. I did many corrections today but now it’s finished. here it is!!!
well…, I hope you like it. my dad likes it…


(kos) #2

where is your mommy? :o

(bverlaan) #3

they are seperated. and they’ve both found their trough one again…

heyhey, I stay stay happy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Dittohead) #4

Nice Pic!!! 8)

Turn shadows on in the DisplayButtons it’s the top button in between RENDER and ANIM.

(bverlaan) #5

I had shadows on, but I didn’t do a spot because the light was to high in my picture. so I did only a lamp. everything is now good in sight with a spot is it not. so that’s why you didn’t see shadows.

thanx anyway :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


(BMD) #6

If the reason your not putting a spot in there is becouse of too much light, you can turn on “only shadow” in the lamp options. Great work

(bverlaan) #7

thanx for the tip,

didn’t tought on that :wink:

(valarking) #8

nice start, try adding more detail. i noticed alot of the objects have sharp edges, while this is occasionaly true in real life, alot of things have rounded out corners. next start adding more textures. it’s looking good.

(bverlaan) #9

thanx all of you for the good advice. I will work on the advices.

you will hear from me again.

bobby :stuck_out_tongue:

(Run-Amok) #10

Nice reflection work…and alot of patience…but I think your Dad would really miss a double sink…hehe

(overextrude) #11

Nice work. Now it’s time to work on the details. : )

  1. Beveled edges - someone already mentioned this, but they are essential for making something look more realistic.
  2. Color/texture variation - very seldom do you see something with a perfect surface, or perfectly “pure” color. There are several ways you can implement this, from small scratches/scuffs, to subtle shading differences (using something like the cloud texture).
  3. Put some stuff on the counters (even one thing would be better than nothing). Make sure they shadow correctly so they don’t look like they’re floating above the surface.
  4. You can give the room more depth by making the far end darker than the what you see up closer to the camera. This might not be possible in this case, since there is a light source at the far end (windows). It may just be a well-lit kitchen, but I find it more visually interesting if there’s some variation in the lighting intensity. The spots above the counters are interesting, but the only time you really see these kinds of light shafts are in dimly-lit rooms, and often with smoke or something similar in the air.

These are just some ideas, nothing more.