Very Noobish Question

How do I duplivert an object? I know what it does but I do not know the whole process… I’d appreciate help. Thanks. :]

Objected which is dupliverted has to be parented to object on which faces the child object is dupliverted. linking/parenting ctrl+p
select parent object and press F7 and then put the button dupliverts on.

I tried doing that but it does nothing. Could you please provide me with an example or something? Thanks. :]

Be careful in which order you select the objects you want to make parents: in Blender, you have a distinction between selected objects (all the objects selected in the scene) and the active object (the last object selected, usually is highlighted in a different color from the others). Make sure that the object you want as parent is the active one (select it for last).

Example: I want to parent a sphere to a plane and use duplivert to make copies of my sphere - I select the sphere first, the plane for second and press Ctrl+P to make parent, the I activate duplivert on the plane.

Oh, I see it now… thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it. :]. It’s alive!!