Very Noobish Rotation Axis Question

I’ll get straight to the point.

Hi, I’m very new to Blender and I’ve done a lot of googling but cannot find an answer to this simple question: How is a rotation axis inserted in to the 3D window?

If you mean the 3D manipulator widget: press Ctrl-Spacebar.

No, more specifically, I need an object to rotate around a point, but the point can’t be an object.

In the bottom of the 3d window is the rotation point selector (not sure of technical name lol) You can select the cursor if you want, active 3d object, object center, etc. The button should be in the middle near the layers.

The hotkeys for this are period (.) for rotating around the 3D cursor and comma (,) for rotating around the bounding box center of your selection.

Since this is the animation forum, I assume that you want to key the rotation of an object to use it an animation.

The normal (and best) was of doing this, is to parent your object to an empty. The parents coordinates are now the world coordiantes of his child. If you rotate the parent, the child orbits around it.