very nooby question

i desided to give a try to animation… i just model now wona try something else

anwyas i cant seem to make an item rotate 360 degres

every single time i do “LOCROT” then go like 50 frames up and loc it again

then i do it for the second time to make the second revolution…

heres the thing, the dam thing spins for the 180, then spins right back the way it came right after even thou it should make a circle

Take a look at the IPO window (and/or the Transform Properties floating tab). Chances are good that your final keyframe is not at 360, but at 0. You can fix this by simply TABing the relevant curve into edit mode and moving the control point to 360.

Also, if the rotation is to be continuous, you can do something like so:

  • Set your first rotation keyframe
  • Move forward in time to where the object would make a 180-degree rotation and set a rotation keyframe here
  • Go to the IPO window’s header and choose Curve >> Extend Mode >> Extrapolation
  • Ta-da!Let me know if that helps.

lol thanks

this is actualy for a demo reel… couldnt frikin make the display spin…

You can also keyframe at zero deg, then advance frames and use the Numeric window (N-Key) to enter explicit rotations (360) there - then keyframe again.

Note that if you use exactly 360 deg then set the curve to cyclic, you’ll get a small jump/freeze as each rotation finishes and re-starts (two frames at same rotation). So, you need to pull the curve back to the rotation one frame before the end.