Very Odd Object Mode Display

I have receiving the following oddity (attached) when I switch to Object Mode. It appears that several faces will blend (no pun intended) smoothly while other will show a very stark contrast at the face borders. I wanted to search the forums but I do not know what this is called. Any assistance would be appreciated.


hi, just go to edit buttons, and click on either ‘set smooth’ or ‘set solid’, depending. if your object has a combination of smooth and sharp edges, you can also ( after clicking smooth ) set ‘auto smooth’. If, per chance, once you have ‘set smooth’, black stripes appear on your mesh, it means you have some normals that are facing inward, so go into edit mode, select all, and use CTRL N ( recalculate normals outside ).

Modron, you rock. That is what it was. Thank you.