very quick game engine q

alright, so the game is played looking through the camera. pretty standard.
however, the camera is clipping things that are too far away…
i increased the clipping distance in camera edit mode, and looking at the limits, it should work…? how can i increase viewing distance in the game engine?


in the edit mode f9 you change change it
but first you have to slect the camera


sorry reaper, not that easy, like i said, i tried changing the clipping

Yes what you did should work, can you upload a .blend so I can take a look(delete any unnecessary stuff) Or you could try changing clipping even farther(you probably already tried that)
here ya go, press p to play… i bet u knew that… lol
thanks for your help, btw is mediafire good for uploading? its fast for me but i’ve never downloaded, just upped

Well, it is obviously not a clipping issue, hold on looking…

Well I got to go sleep… but the only thing I could find is if you delete the camera pivot empty, everything shows fine(not sure how much help that is lol)

Weird. I sometimes get this problem (if it is a problem), I suggest scaling everything down by about 4 times. Then adding a new camera and playing around with the end part of it, until you get what you want. Sorry that there is no easy solution. :mad:

EDIT: Well, it does look like deleting the empty is the cause to this problem, I’m guessing its a culling problem, since the camera thinks its looking someplace, and the empty is actually making it look somewhere else. Hence the reason you can’t see the building.
Try not to double post too b0mberman, editing is appreciated

thanks for your help, deleted empty and it works!!

The reason is… camera pivot constraints are not supported within the gameengine. Therefore the camera looks not in the direction as seen in the editor.

just for info

oh… interesting, thanks!