Very Short Parkour Motion Tracking Clip

Ok guys me and a friend are trying to make a nice Parkour video so I thought it would be a good chance to practice my motion tracking skills, this is a very short clip of my first “try”, any thoughts for what I should do with this to make it more exciting?


In all seriousness, it’s a nice track, but very, very simple and uninteresting (it’s text. How exciting is text?). What really shows the power of motion tracking is when the live action footage interacts with the motion-tracked CG. Although it requires much more advanced and labor-intensive work, it really sells the idea of motion tracking and the overarching idea of live-CG interaction.

Haha yea that’s a good idea, I really would do something more intresting but I have only just got a new graphics card (GTX 660) so had to settle with Blender Internal and this clip is a “test” for our main video in a few months so I was mainly testing to see what I can do, the others don’t feel like more intense stuff is worth it but I’ll be trying to sneak more stuff in… No rings of fire though haha :wink: