very simple animation job need help thanks

hey i just need some one to animate the two doors opening and the little flap inside (allready has an armature on it, but probs done it all wrong), i need the two doors to first open about 90 degrees then after the doors are open i need the little flap to lift up and go like 100 degrees or so (like its resting on a hinge limit) i assume it will take like 2 minutes, much appreciated, also if you could let us know what i should of done next that would be appreciated :ba:


armature.blend (504 KB)

there is really no need for the bones.
select the doors and rotate on z
select the flap and rotate on y

I made the flap a separate object
and changed the origin to act as hinges for the animation.

hope this helps
armature1.blend (472 KB)

sorry i need the doors to be animated opening, not just be made open, maybe im not understanding what u done but i see no times set for an animation and when i hit render animation nothing happens, i need maybe 10 seconds long animation, of just them going from closed to open, big doors first then the flap,

Here’s your door opening. You had the rig backwards with the rig parented to the doors. You don’t need a rig for this as there are no deformations you just keyframe rotation of the objects. I moved the origins so they will rotate properly and made the flap it’s own object. There’s other issues, but here she is. This is what will render:
armature-mod.blend (490 KB)

Perfect! Cheers