very simple animation

ive been playing with blender for a few moths, and this week i just learned how to do keyframe animations. this is just a simple scene of a wine glass. the scene and animation took around 25 min to set up and it took to 5 min to render the 75 frame animation. its only at 640x480 cause i wanted to make render time super quick, and its not about the looks anyway, i just wanted to see if i did the animation thing right any crit or anything is welcome (still a newb so be gentle!!)

edit oh and i f u wonder what the yellow number is in the lower left corner, i accidentally forgot to turn FRAPS off while rendering LOL

I see no yellow number in the lower left corner :-?

Anyways, glass looks good and I suppose you’ve accomplished what I think you had in mind with this animation. Keep up the good work !

Fraps doesn’t affect the render, you (sha$xl) see the numbers because the media player you’re using is being affected by Fraps. Try turning Fraps off and then look at the video.

ohhh whoops