Very Simple questions, I feel noobish

How do I move a model/object from one .blend to another? Is it even possible?
I have a car, and I have an Icarus track, I need to get the car into the track.

How do I save a video file? I can save a rendered image, but for some reason I can’t make a .mov or .AVI

I think I might be missing something, but my computer refuses to export a runtime for even a basic game, it says something like “Can’t create runtime, no runtime found” It kind of sounds like a catch-22…

Why was this moved? It isn’t about just game engine, in fact, the game engine part is the least of my worries…

Hi there.

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to most of your questions. But regarding rendering a movie. In the buttons window under rendering buttons, theres a box on the far right where you set output sizes etc. Near that there should be an option called output with a box next to it saying JPEG (sorry I can’t be more specific, not in front of Blender). If you select the drop down menu on the box you should get options of AVI RAW, AVI JPEG and AVI Codec. For uncompressed video render or compressed using JPEG or a codec.

Then set the output destinaton in the boxes on the left, where it asks for a path for output pictures (I never remember which of the three does what so I set them all to desktop).

Then hit the big button labelled “Anim”, NOT the one labelled “Render” as that will only do the current frame.

Hope this helps.

To get a thing from one blend to another, mess around with the append function. File > Append. Easy…

for the exe problem, try a dynamic runtime. ive run into this before and using a dynamic one should work…hopefully…

lol for me its the complete oposite! I cant make Dynamic runtime, i can only make runtime

How do I move a model/object from one .blend to another? Is it even possible?
open the file that you want to be your main file (one of the two)
then go to file drop down menu and select append or link
find your other blend file and when you select it you will be going into it like a zip file
and you will be able to navagate in the file like it has folders and files
select the ones you want to append and hit ok
do them one by one
if one is linked to the other it will bring them in
use your outliner to see what you appended
as far as rendering a movie
you have to go to the render tab
and select the output tab and select the first one and go to the folder where you want to render to
now go put your cursor between the 3d window and the top tool bar and left click and drag down
select file paths
and render and find your directory to render to
on the render tab
select the format tab
select avi codec
and then the ANIM
if i were you i would render in png files and then hit play to view them
its better to render animation in separate file and then combine them later
so you can edit or continue rendering where you left off if it is lengthy
to composite them change your 3d view tab to video sequence editor
select add images add by selecting all of them
to view them you can change another window with the sequence editor tab
and select the tab next to strip and select image preview you can pan and zoom
now when you are done you can render anim like normal but use the avi codec
and select do sequence under anim

about the runtime
choose save runtime not save dynamic runtime
you will need some of the dll files located in your root directory of blender in the same place of the exe file to run the exe file it will look like what ever the last display type was in your 3d window like wire frame solid shaded and etc…

Thanks, especially to DarkCGI, that really helped.

I forgot to mention, I’m on a Mac. That probably influences the reasons that I can’t create a runtime. Heh…

i dont know what the deal is with dynamic runtime
its a mistery to me
it would seem as if the exe would have all the data included
so you dont need the dll files in the folder but i can never get it to work

since your on mac you may have certain file formats that are different
like you may hav .mov and not avi codecs