very simple script, dont know how to write

Sequence editor auto refresh when mesh is altered or any parameter like diffuse color.

I am working on tiny (not many pixels) graphics and real time render would work and be nice

any advice ?


That is one of the problems with the sequence editor. If a strip is a scene, you should be able to set it to a non-rendered preview type, like solid or wireframe. But that is not the case.

I find the sequence editor practically useless.

The coders must not actually do day-to-day video work, or the seuqence editor would be in much better shape.

I guess, all that I can offer is that you should render out your scene as footage then bring it back into the editor. Avoid using Scene Strips as much as possible for better performance.


I ment something different. Like, a code that does the pressing of Refresh button for me
every other second or in some other interval. Or better yet everytime mesh has changed shape, color has been altered or lighting has changed the code would do the refreshing through scriptlink. So basically Blender final output would be realtime, but just for preview purpose throughout modeling, lighting and texturing.