very simple table

Just a very simple table. Rendered with Blender Internal, and used GIMP for some little tweeks.
Im not going to add or do anything else with this render.
But C&C are welcome.
Oh and if any one wants to know this is my second render with blender. :slight_smile:

Bevel is your friend :wink:

It looks ok, but it’s missing shadows.

Turn on shadows in the render buttons and makesure your lamp has shadows turned on as well. :wink:

I´ve got one of those. From Ikea. Nice and simple :smiley:

It looks ok, but it’s missing shadows.

I was going to put shadows, but I just cant seem to get the lighting right. Lighting is a pain in the butt for me, even in something as simple as this. :-?

Any way thanks for your comments, I might put em in use in later renders.

I don’t see why PP is needed in such a simple image, needs shadows.