Very simple transparent material or shader

I’d like to use make object transparent in a way that is has uniform color all over. and emission object has no shadows.

In above picture the L-shaped transparent object has a different tint for the horizontal part and vertical part due to light refration which I don’t want. What I am trying the create is a “highlight”/“yellow marker” sort of transparent shader. The pic the the right is what I want from the shader. The one on the left is waht I get from regular transparent BSDF



I think it would be waaay easier to do this in post processing rather than trying to create a material with strange properties.

Hope you get a good result


It is for an animation so post processing is out of the question. Emission shader produce this even color effect but are not transparent.

Mix shader with blue transparent and full white transparent. Control its fac using light path node isShadowRay+isDiffuseRay (possibly also +isGlossyRay if floor has glossy component). Alternatively you could use a regular blue transparent shader and control your objects visibility such that it is only visible to camera (turn off in object properties for shadow, diffuse, glossy etc).

You’d probably need to comp it if you need the object to look “proper” in/through other objects in the scene.

As others have said, mix a diffuse shader with transparent to get mildly shaded semitransparency. If you want no shading at all, mix emission with transparency.

Why? Compositor is working great for stills and for animations also! Don’t really understand why do you put such a reasonable solution aside.