Very slow navigation in UV Editor


First of all - important thing - i’m a newbee in Blender’s world.
I come from 3ds max with whom I have been working for 10 years, so please, be kind … :laughing:

So far i’ve found only quality to Blender, it’s a new amazing and fantastic world. I can’t wait to learn more about it :star_struck:

And second one, i’m french … so VERY PLEASE, be VERY kind :laughing: :laughing:

So, after this small introdutcion, i’ve a question.

When i use a big picture (6000 * 6000 px) in the UV Editor when i zoom out a lot the navigation in the viewer become extremly slow. However, if I zoom so that the image exceeds the display area there is no problem.
There is absolutly no issue with a regular image size 1024 * 1024 px for example

Hope i’ve been explicit enough.

Thanks you all for the help

Long live Blender :fist:

Windows 10 Pro x64
Blender 2.80.75
i7 880k
1080 GTX