Very slow texture paint

i’m using amd threadripper with dual gtx1080ti and the performance in texture painting is really slow. Even the very first stroke is laggy. Does anyone have any tips ? or maybe some setup i need to tweak ?

Here’s a trick that might improve performance.

Switch to Cycles Renderer.
Under Performance you have Threads.
Change from Auto-Detect to 1. And try and paint.

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OMG for whatever reason… it works :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

It seems to be a case of bad thread scheduler, the devs says. Andreas Esau was the one that I first saw mention this work around.

So for anyone else struggling with texture painting performance, can try it out.

Seems like texture painting need some overhaul and loving before 2.8 is released, if there’s a developer willing to tackle it.

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