Very slow when i have too many keyframe

Hello, I have a question of blender animation, currently i tried to import the motion capture animation there, it have 1091 frame ( mean 1091 keyframe there), so when selected the bone and start to scrub the timeline it very slow could I know if there any setting to fix it?
so it help if I need to modified motion capture.

Many Thanks

Yes Blender can be slow with many keyframes, but 1091 doesn’t seem excessive tbh. Try maximizing the viewport, see if the keyframe drawing in animation editors is the problem. Also try 3.0 alpha there have been improvements to keyframe drawing iirc.

Does your character have a mesh ? or is it just the armature ?

Hello @Hadriscus no mesh there, only armature , for the 3.0 alpha could i know what does it mean? is it the UI ? thanks :smiley:

Download 3.0 alpha from here :
it might help narrow down the problem
Otherwise please share the file here if possible

@Hadriscus Thanks, it’s really working for me at 3.0 alpha version, it solved.
Many thanks :smiley:

I’m glad it helped ! can you please try again in 2.93 with hiding all animation editors ? (it would be nice to know for sure this is related to keyframe drawing)

Sorry man, missed the message so reply too late.
yes in 2.93 if i hide all in animation editors is working fine and smooth.
i’m thinking if Blender can handle some motioncapture data to replace motionbuilder :smiley:

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Nothing can REPLACE motionbuilder. Supplement, fake like, yes, but not replace.

I think so , the retargeting is too amazing in Mobu :smiley: