Very slow when using hardops


why is the interface and viewport very slow when using hardops and boxcutter even in simple object modeling?

the objects have to have few vertices for the addon to work well?

How do I smooth the shapes after modeling is complete?
mainly the pointed silhouettes?


Shouldn’t be slow with simple objects, I can push HOps with booleans and it only starts to lag when there are lots of boolean modifiers to process, but for one or two, it’s pretty much instant.
Do you have a screenshot of what you are trying to do, with wires ideally. Are there any modifiers on the boolean object?

I’m talking about subtracting these tips after the model made with hardops and boxcutter is ready.

Sorry, what do you mean by tips? Are you wanting to cut into the top & bottom of the cylinder? Certianly, with that simple a model, HOps should be super quick. What specs are your machine & GPU? I can work on such a simple model with zero lag, so either there’s an issue with your machine, or something is amiss with how you made the model.
Here’s my model, with a couple of booleans, how quickly can you rotate around this in your viewport?
untitled.blend (868.5 KB)