Very strange problem with lamps in 2.37a


I’m working on the lightings of an inside scene for the Crosswalk Project:

[>] In this scene, I have a big problem with the lamps. The ceiling light and the bulb of the lampshade are objects set with an emit factor, so they are luminous. This is normal. But the light on the floor, wall and the ceiling are projected by nothing!

I didn’t achieve to set the lights correctly, so I decided to remake the lightings from scratch, with lamps palced differently.

All the lamps have been removed from the file, and though, the light of the lampshade is still here!

Formerly, this lighting was done by an ordinary lamp and two spot lamps set to buffershadow. The scene is rendered with Raytracing.

On an other picture, Raytracing has been disabled. Ambient Occlusion is not used, and Radiosity as not been used too.

The light is still present!

Any suggestion will be welcome, because I’m becoming mad with this problem!

An idea about this strange phenomenon?

The scene is made with blender 2.37a.


The first thing I’d try, is checking all other layers for lamps.
If you still find none, look for the light in the outliner/oops.


I have finally found a lamp, hidden in an object… it had probably been duplicated by error at a moment…

I hope I’ll be able to work better now.

I hadn’t thought of the outliner… :?


Don’t you just hate it when that happens? :smiley:

I have a slight forehead shaped depression on my mouse pad too.

Ahah !

Shame on me … it was so simple!