Very strange render problem


When i try to render my image, i have this problem.
When i try to render image in viewport mode, its normal, works. But when i press ‘‘0’’ ( change view to camera ), i have the issue again.

I reseted Blender to original, restarted my PC, looked for textures, images and node setups, but i can’t find the problem. It occurs in Cycles.

( Here you can see that nothing is in front of camera )

( The issue stops if i rotate,translate camera even by one pixel. I tried to translate camera to other points in the void, but problem is same )

( This is the render, and i didn’t messed up the nodes ( i think :frowning: ) )

Sorry for my bad english.

Please supply your blend file

Oh sorry, i forgot. Here is. ( Sorry page doesn’t lets me to link .blend as attachment )

( sorry for ‘‘sundae.blend’’, i know it’s not a sundae )

I checked your file and for some reason your DOF is getting all wonky. If you assign an object to the focus the problem gets fixed. Or you can change it from F/Stop to Radius and set the factor to 0 and it will also fix the problem.

Not really sure why it’s happening but hopefully what I mentioned above will help you out.

a third alternative… set a distance for the camera focus and it should also fix your problem.

Ah yes, the focus!
Thank you, the problem has been fixed.
I had an ‘‘Empty’’ and Camera focused to that point, but i deleted it. I’m almost 100% sure that this caused the problem.

Thank you again :slight_smile: [SOLVED]

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