Very weird behaviour: Snapping to vertex in object mode


I’m trying to use snap-to-vertex while moving objects in object mode.

My question is: how is this feature supposed to behave in object mode?
I would have expected that it snaps the object’s origin to a given vertex … right?

Well, I’m not getting that behavior at all. This is what I’m getting:

Before I “grab” the ruby-shaped object. Note: vertex snapping is on, and I’m in object mode.

After I snap to the right-most vertex of the decagon. Screencap doesn’t show my mouse, but it’s directly on top of the orange circle.

This is even weirder. I try to snap to an adjacent vertex above the previous one, and the object snaps down!

What’s going on here? Am I doing it wrong? Is this a bug?

Until I can get snapping to work as I expect, I can always select the vertex, then “cursor to selection”, select the object, then “object to cursor”. But I will be doing this operation over and over (I’m building a tiling pattern) and that will slow me down tenfold. Can anyone help? Is there an alternative faster method?


It’s most likely you’re getting the bounding box corner snapping to vertex.

Move everything in edit mode and it should snap like you wanted.

Hm, yeah, I think you’re right about the bounding box thing. That would explain its behavior, thanks.
It seems to automatically pick which corner to snap to also.

That’s also why I can’t use the snap tool efficiently in edit mode. It doesn’t use the “active” vertex- it just seems to use any old vertex - I have no idea what criteria it uses to decide.

In edit mode you can set it to use the active vertex.

How? Where?

Ah! Got it! There’s that dropdown menu next to the snap button… AND … it works in object mode which is what I wanted! Thanks!