Vespa PK 50 SS

So after tweaking this is the final result of my model:

for full resolution check:

Slowly modelling this Vespa PK 50 SS.

Next step…

Modelling about complete.

Next some texturing.

Flawless ! Very well done it looks beautiful even without the texturing lovely work :slight_smile:

Very nice model…

So clean! Amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks:) the current problem is to decide how to texture it… To make it worn or pristine?

This looks good! Maybe do both versions of the texture? Start with the pristine one, and use that as a base for the worn one.

Agreed ^ Both would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips:) will keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

First textured version of my Vespa PK model. Turned out to be slightly worn, but not too much. Feedback?

The model is superb. Excellent attention to detail.
As for the material: It has sort of a toyish look to it, which might be what you were going for. If thats the case then I would leave it as is. If you want to go for a little more realism, then I would suggest maybe making it a little less even and clean (for example adding more bump to the leather and a little dent here and there.).

Would u look at that. I thought when u add texture it would look ugly but no its still very much living to its beauty, just be kind with her so far so very very good :smiley:

I tried to make it slightly more realistic and also fine tuned some textures. I think it is now better… Might post more angles later. And possibly building world around it. :slight_smile:

I like the way the leather looks now. Good work!
Looking forward to the environment (maybe an Italian cobblestone street like in the classics? :wink: ).

Nice bike. This reminds me of my unfinished ruckus project before my pc crashed. This inspired me to start the project again.

Thanks for the comments + glad if I could inspire. :slight_smile: And btw teaLeaf, that leather in the seat is actually texture I grabbed from my biker jacket. :smiley:

And here are extra angles. The world may wait now for a while - this was already quite an effort to do just for fun. :slight_smile:

Got some feedback at Facebook and made slight improvements based on that.

How did you get that white texture?
Every time I try that, it’s messy with a lot of grey or to white part and ultra noisy.

You mean the background? If so, I just exported render with layers and alpha and placed solid white background where I then added image and shadows.