Vessels - big rendering at bottom pg. 1

My image for the Splash Screen Contest 2.35

Deautifull colours and materials! really cool to make something that all the Blender users will see when they enter the Blender world :smiley: Be proud you may make a image for that :Z

When does Blender 2.35 come?

I like the style very much.

As much as I like this image, I think it needs something more.
At the moment its a bit too boring. It needs something that draws attention.
I don’t know what though. :expressionless:

But don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent image, and is way better than what I could do. I would like to see this as the 2.35 splash screen, but I think it needs something else. :wink:

Thank you for your replies.

@redbyte: Thank you so much for your criticism. Actually, I felt the same and tried several things to improve the picture like adding more objects, painting the walls etc. But nothing looked the way I wanted and finally I gave up. However, your post made me try again and now I came up with an ornament on the wall which I like.

What do you think?

imho the first image was the best.
the background in the second one makes for me a kind of noise.
everything is so simple that you don’t need this background “ornament”

i agrre with redbyte but you can try to find the solution adding something little, as a particular whit a different colour (i.e something like a little butterfly on one of the vessels (just an idea))

anyway the atmosphere is lovely.



@bullx: As I said, I tried painting the walls before and wasn’t too satisfied. This ornament is much better than what I had tried before. But you are right, it is disturbing the simple concept a bit. On the other hand, I also agree with redbyte. The butterfly you mentioned is a nice idea, but I already tried several objects (more vessels, a rag etc.) and all looked a bit out of place. But I’ll think about it. :wink:


Hi Usagi,

I love your splash, I think it should win but as said earlier, I prefer the first one without the ornament, what I like is the purity of the image and the ornament disturbs from the beauty of the vessels

liked it better without the ornoments… the jars are enough… can we see a bigger pic?

Hi usagi!

I love the colors and the light!

The second one is the one I prefer, bur make the ornement even more discreet, make us feel that there is something more than in the first one but that we don’t see immediately what it is…

subliminal !


Dani, thank you for your suggestion. I tried it and made the ornament much more subtle. It looks good. But I’ve still not yet decided which version I prefer. %|

Could you darken the area under the ornament? You know, kind of like wall trim, where there’s a design along the top edge and under it is a different color/pattern.

Very nice render.

I like the images very much. Nice colour pallet and mood.

I agree with shbaz though - with the wall ornament, it looks like a wall above it and like you are looking off to a hazy horizon below it. I would leave the ornament out altogether or remove the ambiguity in the picture with it.

Here you are! It’s the version without ornaments because from your post I’d say it is the one you prefer. :smiley:

Not often do I not have crits for an image. Excellent work.

nice pic :slight_smile:
Just one question, how did that ornaments? Are only one texture or some kind of tile?

now that a galerry worthy image.

A superb picture, but it looks like its the same texture on the two largest vases, a slight displacement on one of them should be enough…


I agree with most of the users here. The ornament on the wall was a bit to distracting and “noisey”. I like the idea, but perhaps a different pattern. Maybe a sort of rusty texture over the whole wall or something? A few cracks creeping up the wall?

Here are a few ideas to make something stand out:

Show a group of pots, have all of them the same dull colour, except for one. Which stands out from the others. Something ridiculous, like red, green or blue, with a really cool texture. :wink:

Bullx idea, the butterfly would be good.

Have the pots closer to the wall, so that the shadow creeps up it.

Have one of the pots lying down.

All pots smashed except for one, which is also a bright colour.

Give one a polished look.

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure there are many other ways to make something stand out. Anyone else got any ideas?