vetecies count and subsurf

i got an object with some subsurf

and the subsurf seems to increase the vertex count to 140000
but the object itself may be only 2000 vertices

is this normal behavior


yes it is normal, as subsurf means Subdivide Surface, so by subsurfing something you double, triple, quadruple etc. the number of verts.

see the wiki page and the wikipedia page for more

when you use array it does not change the vert of the object until you apply it

but it apperas that in the case of subsurf it is change before you apply it ?

so it not the same behavior ?


When I use an array modifier (without applying it) the vert count seems to increase, so I don’t know why it doesn’t for you sorry.

ok the object does not show the total new vertecies

but when you unselelctr you can see that the total vertecies is a lot higher

which is fin i gues i just tough that it would be applied only after the modifier is applied



When I use the Array modifier it does increase the number of vertices, so I think it is the same behaviour. Maybe it’s changed recently?

[Hmm, should have refreshed before posting!]