vevet stage curtain

hey all im stuck with one part of a scene where im not sure what the model needs next.

Im trying to model a red velvet curtain and im hoping you guys can giude me to my next step.

I basically made a plane, rotated it. extruded then rotated the extrusion and duplicated and merged to the center. then added a mirror. I’ve played with the material and textures but this is where i hit a road block.

any suggestions?

also, if anyone has any ideas how i might rig this for animation, please dont hesitate to let me know. I’ve thought i might just use three bones. one at the top as a semi static master. one in the middle to scale and simulate the curtain being drawn. and one at the bottom being a duplicate of the secon but restricting its scaling to keep a basic shape

i just did this quickly to see how my rigging idea would work. its not bad. ill tweak the keys and scale a little bit but the basic idea is there, excuse the shitty render though. i wasnt wanting to spend an hour rendering four seconds.

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The curtain rigging looks good though. No cloth simulation?

ok will do.

im not sure about the cloth sim because i’ve not attached the curtain to anything and it will just fall down wont it? or will it be held up by the armature?

I’ll see what i can come up with. i know it will give it that extra push over into reality land place thing.

Well then model something for it to hang from :wink:

i did, well…not ‘model’. i just stuck a long cylinder under the top if the curtain and added the modifiers. i eventually got it working but the render and the preview playback were completely different. love life :frowning: