i have finally finished my project on the veyron with a movie:yes: (short)

I feel like I should have had my 3d glasses on.
But it looked like a really nice model.


Okay, couldn’t quite make out the detail but it looked sound… however… the fastest machine known to man? Not by a long shot my friend.

: )

Its not even the fastest road car any more is it?

The SSC Aero TT probably is

it was when it was finished.
probably isn’t now

if your talking “machines” then the fastest would be rockets and missles, etc. but as for land vehicals, here is one production vehical that beats that:

#1 SSC Ultimate Aero TT 412km/h first recorded September 2007
#2 9ff GT9 409 km/h April 2008
#3 Bugatti Veyron 407 km/h October 2005

those are all street legal, of course…

I’m not a big fan of the Color Offset, however that may be a matter of taste.

The car model looks interesting, could you show a still render to show the geometry?

a couple of threads.