VFX action sequence

Hi Everyone
I have wanted to create a live action and CG interaction sequence for a long time, and, because i am a starwars fan i decided to use droids. I am fairly happy with the result even though there are things i could improve. Anyway i would really like some feedback on these clips.
For anyone who wants to know, all 3D work was done in blender and compositing in After Effects. The Jump sequence was live action and then does an onscreen morph into a digital double of the actor.

Sorry about the bad quality i had to keep the size small for upload.

Watch it here


You’ve really done a lot of work here! Great job. Seriously that’s impressive. The animation is probably the weakest part but that’s understandable as realistic animation is highly regarded as the most difficult task in CG. The shadows of the droids look much darker than the shadows of other real objects. It looks like they could even be 100% opaque which looks unnatural. The cinematic aspects such as composition and continuity are weak but of course this is a VFX test. But it never hurts to spend a little extra time on the film making aspects even if it is primarily a VFX test.

I like it. I am trying to do something similar, only with some camera tracking also and a gremlin walking across the walls of my hallway.

It ended a little to quick, would have liked to see him fall properly.

Nice one.

The lighting on the droids seems greenish. The sand should effectively act as a giant low-power red lamp (you can see this on the shorts in the still).

It would be cool if there was some old footage of star wars movie without lightsaber sfx. Then you have to add that yourself. Cause this is a typical (no talent actors doing a starwars scene).

That said I really find the effect pretty good for one man job.

Thanks for all the input. It gives me some ideas and things to look out for in my next project. I know that the animation is lacking in places and this is one area i will have to work harder on next time, also matching shadows to the enviroment, and thanks for the idea of light reflection from the sand (a red glow) i might try that

Thanks again

dude nice work!

Thanks for the great input everyone, it gives me some good ideas for my next project