VFX Animations


I want to share some VFX Animations i made:

I’m learning how to make VFX with Blender. Thanks to all the Tutorials on Youtube.
What do you think about my VFX attempts?

my Website:
Youtube Channel:

-Divinity Studio

The dragon video looks pretty awesome . and the animations on those makehuman characters too … good job

This is amazing VFX animation video you have made. I really appreciate your work. Generally in VFX animation is made up by visual effects and animated images and nowadays in every movies you can see the VFX animation. There are many VFX animation development company which you can hire to learn in advance about VFX animation.

Thanks a lot Agniveshsp. The Animation of the characters is motion captured with the Makehuman addon “Makewalk” and BVH(MoCap) files.
I have done another VFX Video:

DiViNiTY you have done an awesome jjob this is a great vfx animation the camera angle and point attaching them are absolutely on point.

Jeff animator at https://videoatclick.com

I plan to make a longer music video with VFX effects. In the meantime i made these videos:

Rusty Generator:

Spaceship Park:

Fractured Cubes:

What do you think about those videos i’ve made so far? Are they good or bad, any critique welcome.