Vfx Breakdown for Short film

A breakdown of a few shots from my short film Rendezvous With A Swindler 3.5. All the digital stuff was done in Blender (the textures were painted in GIMP) The Large Reveal shot (01_26_01) is completely digital. Critiques are welcome!

The boy you are aiming on the head is your little bro’? How much you payed him to do that? haha.
Quite epic.
It looks more like a parody of something but I like it. The music is also very action type.

Haha, the music is from Tears of Steel so… I thought it was pretty good. With this short we just took ourselves completely seriously while we were making it. Like we were the most awesome filmmakers making an epic action film with tons of vfx. But of course it’s all ridiculous. What with us using nerf guns and the like. I did a write up of these three shots on my blog, showing the node tree setups and explaining a bit about them. http://blenderforhumans.org/2013/02/rendezvous-with-a-swindler-3-5-vfx-breakdown/#more-310