VFX Car crash


Here is a short clip done with Blender, V-Ray and After effects.

Animation was made using Blender’s rigid body simulator, soft body simulator, lattice and shape keys.

Credits to:

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Nice work, it’s not 100% believable but it’s still done very well.

I love it
great work

Nice! Done very well. My only things with it are first: it seems that for the speed it is going it does not get damaged enough. And two: the car seems “light”, like it does not weigh nearly as much as a real car. Other that it looks great. Very believable I think.

Side note. Yep, V-ray works great. Just purchased it a little while ago.

No broken glass.:frowning:

Main reason for me is no one in the car. agree that no glass would have probably registered if not noticed the empty car.

But excellent job

Really awesome, I watched it about 10 times. The more I watch it, the more I miss a little debris (paint/parts) from hitting the post, and maybe make the post look like something hit it. And of course glass and a driver :slight_smile:

Thanks for comments!

I did the shot mostly to learn V-Ray, improving live footage integration skills and to test some cool functions in Blender.

Debris and paintdamage would definitely made it more believable but if the car had a driver it wouldn’t crash :stuck_out_tongue:

my Vimeo

wow… great… I have tried this and it wasnt that easy to nail it. Mine never got that far. You nailed it in my opinion… There probably can always be little things but to me looks great. How did you get the physics/soft body/ lattices to work so well? Did you 1st run bullet then use soft body to deform a mesh? If so how did you get the soft body to stay so nicely deformed plastic setting I guess. Really would like to see your soft body settings?

  • Recorded a rigid body sim
  • Added a lattice at cars position with same size and parented it to the car
  • Ran softbody sim on lattice with the pole as collision
  • Added lattice as modifier to the car
  • Found a frame I liked after impact and applied lattice modifier as shape
  • Manually animated the shape key on the car on impact

Also I seperated the hood and made it’s on shape key.

thanks I will have to try this…