VFX "Carson & Morrison"

Hi there, these are some sequences from a shortfilm called “Carson & Morrison” all made in Blender 2.5 alpha. They are not propper edited and no sound, I will update this thread with the final editing (plus color corrections) and with the sound effects soon.


You’ve done very well there. Some fine adjustments and you wouldn’t know it was cg.

The first clip looks out because the car slides around but the front wheels aren’t turning. It’s just sliding because you make it so. The front wheels need to turn into the corner, then as the back slides around turn back to where the car is aiming to go.

The fourth clip looks a bit out. I think it is that the back lifts off the ground and it rotates a bit late. I would keep the back on the ground, turn the front as the explosion starts so it lifts as it rotates. This gives you one of the back wheels digging in causing the flip.

The fifth clip has the front wheels moving unrelated to the ground under them - looks way out. If you get the window and blood textures right you wouldn’t pick it for cg.

For the first one, i agree with LoopyShane too, the car needs to turn the wheels, but not only when it is sliding, but also on that first turn too.(Check out Fast and Furious, for reference, either one will do i think, but maybe Tokyo drift is best?)

For the second one, fix the visible white lines that rung along the jacket’s sleeves. it looks like he was copy/pasted into that scene with them.(there is also one on his nose, and a few where dots on his eyebrows) I love how the shots, light up his face.

For the third, i am not sure those sparks look real, but i am not sure on that, it just feels like something about them looks weird…

The fourth… The flip doesn’t look realistic, i think the flips are a bit too fast—slow it down a notch. The way you did the flip, when the car is on the side it looks like it is about to be turned over, but it magically flips back into upright position. But then now that i look at it it seems like there could be a torque causing it to spin and correct its position…hmmm complex shot… Very good though in general. (are there headlights on the car or a white plane cover? cuz of the explosion we should see no headlights, maybe a bit of glass around the edges of the headlights, but otherwise we should see inside the headlight case)

The last one…If you are going for realism, LoopySHane is right, i don’t think that looks like real blood, but then, i never seen that much in real life so i cant say for sure that is not what it looks like. But I know this, it looks awesome as is, if this was a game of some sort. It immediately reminded me of Dragon Age Origins.

Dude, i gotta say, you are doing an awesome job, this looks so good. Amazing man, keep it up! And good luck!

Final editing, there’s left to do the color corrections that make it looks MUCH better and the sound fxs:

Another sequence for the shortfilm:


You can watch it in 1080p at youtube. I don’t know what happens with youtube but tends to change the colors of my videos quite a lot, so that’s not the real colors of the original footage, anyway you get the idea…

Aliens!!!, ya that was a cool one.

after watching the first one, I think that you should note that cars tilt when turning, even more so when turning fast. Also, when the car is rolling and skidding in another video, I feel like it is too smooth. It should jitter more, imo. Also, the reflections are sort of ruining the illusion for me, perhaps it needs smoothed more, or it could be a topology issue.

That said, it really isn’t bad at all. Keep it up. (I wouldn’t mind a breakdown on some parts)

Another scene:

There’s one left to do for this project and I finish.


I just finished my participation in this shortfilm, I will try to upload the entire film in the next weeks.