VFX Golde nPhenonix BIRD 3D Render


I’m in need of some VFX-help. I’m producing an information film and need a 3D animator to create a Phenonix Bird - all in gold metallic shape. The short film clip, no more than 20 seconds is to fly over some typical Swedish mountains and high wood trees and at the end descent toward a beautiful lake, with the Woods and mountains in the background only to spread its wings and frees and then slowly merge the 3D bids with the flat vector based on the logo thats attached.

I made an example with an eagle. But it needs to be a phoenix bird! And the bird starts off in the sky, slowly descending against the high trees and the lake. And then it spreads its wings forward the screen and freezes only to merge with the company logo.

I’m looking for A total fixed price for the job that included eventual changes in two steps. And an company to place the order with. So not an estimate or ballpark figure. I need an agreed price that’s solid.

Deadline is within three month.

Full CGI on both bird and background.

Inspiration for the Bird is the one in Harry Potter. But this one in all metallic Gold.

Get back with a price proposal pref. in Euro or dollar if you are intrested.

All well!


Mikael Winberg

Film Producer

Bartolomeus Filmproduktioner

Mikael Winberg, owner

Bartolomeus Filmproduktioner

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I´d like to post for this project. Please check your personal message inbox (PM)