VFX render problems

Hello! I’m new to blender. I have a very big problem, I tried everything to fix it, nothing worked.

When I press Render Animation, a yellow cube(?) starts rendering REALLY slowly.

Here’s a picture:

You can see what I try to render and what it renders.
Sorry for the bad quality.

I hope someone can help, because, I’m so mad, I’m pulling my hair off.

I’ll send any pictures of settings.

Seems like your smoke is way too dense, if you can send a screenshot rather than a photo of your screen that would be great, You can save a screenshot with: Window > Save Screenshot

Hi! I made a screenshot, where you can see the particles, the shader of the smoke and the render.

I noticed something: the yellow cube only appears when the foreground is rendering. In the screenshot, the background is rendering, the cube isn’t there, but it’s still renders slowly.

If you can’t see, the density is the volume info, multiplied by 20

Edit: The smoke starts on frame 190 and ends on 210

I would bring down that multiply a fair bit to see what difference it makes, I have seen people use multiply on density so I don’t blame you, but it can cause render problems like this sometimes

if you can send the blend file, I may be able to debug it easier :slight_smile:

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Woah! It worked! I set the Value from 20 to 10 and it works! Thank you so much!

Wait, its happening again

It’s on frame 6 and it’s happening again

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stop using a multiply, like remove it

I removed it and started rendering, for now, everything is ok, i’ll write if it succeded or if it failed!

It failed… I’ll send the blend file if I can!

I found the .blend file, but it says “new users can’t upload attachment”

Umm, you can send it to my email via [email protected] if that helps

Done! I sent an e-mail for you!

Hmmm, nothing I tried fixed it. I would recommend moving the stuff to a new file, maybe even tweaking the scale of things

The tweaking didn’t work, when I moved things to a new file, it instantly crashed. I’m sorry for wasting your time, I appreciate your help!

I think that this is a bug, that we don’t know about.

it’s all good, sorry I couldn’t figure a way to fix this, surely someone else out there may have a solution though.

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