VFX Shots for Music Video [Vimeo Link]

So yeah, I spent a little over a month (about 8 days just rendering) these three VFX shots.

[Link to Vimeo]

Now, I only really like the first shot (The unwraping paper) the other two I had to rush through because most of my time with those was spent trying (and failing) to fix the sorry excuse for a chroma key I got from the video crew.

Pro-tip: Never make a blue screen shot in sunlight, with sharp reflectors and the subject standing less than 2 meters away from the screen ¬¬ that’s just not smart.

I have two reasons why the last two shots are there: 1- To remind myself never to work with this studio again. 2- Because the video would have been way too short had I not included them ¬¬.

Anyway, the story behind the shots is that the girl get’s her results from a lab and is made to know she’s got Aids. The “Wings of Fire” are part of the lyrics to the song and were, therefore, included in the video.

The entire music video has not jet been relesed but I’ll post a link here as soon as it is (which should be in about a few hours… or a week, as it seems)

Music is by EUPHORIA (Lyrics in Spanish)

[Thumbnails are for Preview Purposes]


So yeah…

I see what you mean, the first shot was indeed very nice. But lots of issues with the 2nd and 3rd shots. What stood out to me most was the lack of tracking to stabilize the video of the girl. Was she ment to appear as a ghost or was that the blue screen issue?

You couldnt have gotten them to reshoot? They probubly hadn’t even done it before, and if they werent sure about the shots, they should have consulted you before filming it to get it all to the right specifications for you to work with.

I did track it, but at that point I really ran with it with little regard to making sure it looked right, I just wanted them to have it and be gone.

At first she was supposed to appear with a white dress and not as a ghost. After I saw the chroma shots I told them she would be a ghost so I could try and fix the chroma key issues (failed XD).

The problem is that this was a pretty amateurish project. The parties involved are actual professionals, but this was done for free for the band (one is my brother, the other another one is the video guy’s brother) so they wouldn’t re shoot. They didn’t even want to shoot it in the first place (the father made them).

This “project” was one big problem after the other, really o_O.

Thanks a lot for the comment!

I finally was able to upload some images o_O. XD But the forum does look way better, so I guess it’s worth the problems.