VFX Tutoring / Small Contract Work

Dear All:

I am a mechanical engineer and reasonably adept at most things technical, but I would like to learn how to do VFX relatively quickly. Yes, I know how to run Google, but instead of watching 2 hour tutorials for things I don’t need to do and downloading demo programs I don’t need, I would prefer to have direct tutoring to get started and get the project done sometime over the summer / early fall of this year. It’s not a lot of special effects and nothing overly complex but again, I have been overwhelmed with information using Google and haven’t gotten very far. First discussion would be which tools do I need and which can I get free or reasonably low cost (lease per month?). Anyway, please PM if interested or can direct me to the right place. I am looking to make the sequel to this:


Special effects are around 10:00 and then 15:00 and then again at the end. Looking to continue the story.

There’s a budget for all of this and it’s not huge. My guess so far is that I can lease Maya LT for $50 a month and do what I need, but I am not sure about this. Other people have recommended Fusion 8, the free version and Blender of course for the 3D stuff.

Starting with some basic stuff… Tie fighter, Millennium Falcon cruising through space near the Death Star. Maybe some Light Sabre work, that sort of thing.


You can do everything from titling, 2D animations, to 3D animations all in Blender. And because it is free, you can save the budget from extra costs that the other programs don’t tell you about. Think add-ons. They can get VERY expensive depending on what you need to do. Also, if you are a mechanical engineer with AutoCAD experience then you are pretty much there as far as how to use the tool. You just need to know what buttons to push.

Sent a message.

I have sent you a PM, please take a look.

down load hitfilm express ( or hitfilm pro if you have the budget) that can handle things like lightsabres really easily

This position is open again. The person I originally selected had to “resign” due to other commitments. Looking to get going on this real soon. It’s not a huge project, but I don’t want to have to rush at the last minute. I’ve replied to previous PM’s but haven’t gotten an answer from anyone yet.

Is the position still open?
PM sent in any case.