Vfx videos alldone in blender.

I’ve been Posting my videos in finished projects but I guess this section is more appropriate.
I apologize for double posting.

I have new videos out:

Headless man effect:
(Reanimator/ Zombie/ Halloween kind)

And this one is a… well… It’s a little confusing I guess. I just took an intense, emotional scene from “X-men: days of futur past” and tried to ruin the mood as much as I could. I added so much details that one might need to go frame by frame not to miss anything.

Any critic or comment is welcome.http://i.imgur.com/xLnnd6y.gif

One more, I just finished it (It’s 2:43 AM here!)

A little fun with Game of throne:

I first thought I’d make a prank out of it but then I remembered GOT fans have all swore an oath (to the old and new gods) to kill anyone who would spoil the show or release fake informations about it. So I’ll pass on that.

Two more!

“Special Roller Tricks” Feauturing… One of my dauthers as usual…

And the “Before/After” of theX-Men video…

Enjoy! Don’t hesitate to comment or critic!

A french Youtuber shared videos of himselfdoing stupid things on green screen and asked viewers to use them for fun. So I did.
Sorry I didn’t subtitled the video, but as han said “boring conversation anyway” Enjoy the animantion

I love this stuff! Do you have any breakdowns of the 2d effects shown here? Specifically, the tracked morphing/ warping stuff you do?

great fx. The rollertricks one how did you do that?

Hi! Thx for your kind words, I haven’t thought about doing tutorials yet but I might in the future.

For the warping effects (like on Raven’s face):
1/ I track the part I want to apply the warp to
2/ I render a stabilized version of the scene around the stabilized part (I only work with png sequences)
3/ In the 3d view port I use “import images as plane” to get the image sequence on a plane
4/ I subdivide the plane and use proportional editing or sculpting tools to warp/ modify the image
5/ I render the resulting video and compose it back into the original (using invert stabilize and some masking if needed)

For the roller trick I first 3D tracked the shot. I then took a few still images from the video and roto-ed out my dauther. Then applied the resulting images as texture (with alpha) on a few planes that I placed in the 3d scene in the right spot. To have them appear and disappear at the right time I simply animated the planes to go in or out of the sight of the camera. A little compositing later it was done.

I hope this helps and makes you want to play with blender.

I have a new video out on my channel, it’s not directly related to VFX, but I’ve been working on soft body Physics and wanted to share some info with the community. It’s not a step by step tutorial but it might help some people.

Haven’t been really productive lately but I did a 2d animation of a youtuber avatar.

If I find the time I’ll make a “how to” video. There are already a lot of those on Youtube but since I mixed 3 types of animation (Keyframed position, Armature and Shape keys) maybe some could find it useful.

I also released two short animations (100% Blender)
This one I uploaded to make a gif out of it:

And this one is a joke I should be ashamed of but I’m not:

Hi everyone!
Just released a new animation, this time I used keyframing/ shape keys and cloth simulation.
It should be used as an opening on a Youtube channel.

Hi every one, happy everything!
My latest work, I animated a painting by french artist Eléonore Despax:

Hope you have a great new year’s eve!

Hi everyone,
Here is my latest work, that I just finished. It was intended to end up as a GIF, so there is no sound in it.
Sadly, the website on wich I wanted to share it (imgur) won’t allow that big of a video as a GIF.
There you go:

Tracking/ Compositing/ and a little bit of masking. All in Blender as always.

Love watching VFX, I really like the roller video, great job!

Thank you! I had not seen this last post, sorry.

Here’s a new one: The Speed Run effect from “The Flash” TV series.

I appreciate any feedback!

Hello everybody!
I wanted to share my last video with you.
I worked on the displacement output of materials and animated some non-sense, as usual…
Hope you’ll enjoy! Do ask any question you have here or in the youtube comments.

See you soon I hope.

Hello Blender community!

Here’s My latest work. Faces replacements!
It’s not perfect because I had to deal with videos I could Find on youtube. The Idea was to put the faces of 2 French politicians on super heroes body, it’s Ironic actually.

Hope you liked it!

Thanks a lot, it’s a bit of a struggle to use blender for this kind of work, but if it makes just one person happy. I’ll keep on doing them!

Awesome work!! I’d love to see what you could do with a script.

Really inspiring. I would like to get a closer insight to your workflow. Do you have a blend file to share to explore?

Thanks! If you mean a story, like being part of a short film team, I’d actually love that. But I would have to find a project with no urgent dead line because I can only do this on my spare time.

One .blend would be useless. I’m kind of messy, I hate having ultra complex and heavy files. So I try and cut the project in parts and each has its own .blend.

Yet I still get mind cruching node trees. Here is a node tree for a 2 seconds scene:

Can be discouraging some times. Here is the video:

Everything you make is hilarious. <3