Vfx videos alldone in blender.

Thanks a lot, I hope I’lls soon have time and inspiration to make some more.

Hi there.
I’ve been SO un-productive lately, I’m ashamed of myself!
Anyway, here’s my take on the “Floor is lava” trend going on on the net. Of course, I did it the Blender way.

I know it’s short I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. And I hope I’ll be able to give something longer next time (No pun intended!)

See you!

Wow!! Three month since my last video. I’m such a procrastinator. In my defense, smoke and particles simulations are really long to render. 2.79 made it faster though! All Praise the developers!!

There you go:

Hope you enjoy!

Bonus! Here’s an old gif, of an animation I made in blender (warning: nonsense humor):

See you next time (less than 3 month!)