I’m trying to recreate this in Blender

I did a little bit of tracking but couldn’t get it to work yet
This is what I have so far


Haha, awesome! I’m an AE junky too, can’t wait to see what you do with this :slight_smile:

Actually a very cool idéa doing one of Andrew’s tut’s in Blender alone. And no doubt it can be done, not as easy as in AE though, but neither would it have been easier to do it in Nuke, hehe…

The only thing I can critic as of now is the dark chromakey fringe, but an erode-node will solve that easy enough. :slight_smile:

Just a tracking test
Key needs work

I’m interested in how you plan to solve the wing as you don’t have a 3D space in the compositor as AE does. Though you do have a whole 3D program - which AE doesn’t. As I said, gonna be interesting. :smiley:

The window and sky are planes in 3d space
I’m actually thinking of taking this a bit further and making something kinda like this

First cape test

Aah, so you’re already in Blender 3D space, I thought you were in the compositors 2D space. My bad. But cool, then it’s simpler than in AE. :smiley:

I also must repeat that it’s very cool doing one of the VCP tuts in Blender, great way to learn troubleshooting and the compositor. :smiley:

That took 50 vfx guys 3 months to do, you really gonna tackle that yourself, hehe? ;D

Edit: Oh, you actually are. Craaazy… ;D