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In this thread i will post my tutorials on Blender 3D.

Teaser for upcoming tutorial: http://vimeo.com/60139553

Modeling a dice in Blender 3D.
YouTube: http://youtu.be/qWTUcmBK1Kw

Hope you like it!

Really nice, hope you upload them on Youtube also.

Thanks. i’m already did, now i try to find an option to make it HD.

vimeo: http://vimeo.com/59035561
YouTube: http://youtu.be/chNf77VfmOw
in this quick tutorial, i will show you how to set up the light to render the bottle and a glass on black background.
All models is already premade, and tutorial starts from material setup.
If you have some questions about this tutorial, please feel free to ask them.
Blender file for start - http://db.tt/EqxH11XS
Finished scene - http://db.tt/PzE003eF
my twitter - @vfxguide


just watched the dice video. Cool intro, I like it, and final render looks pretty cool too. :slight_smile:

I got a couple of simple tips for you for modelling faster:

  1. when you prepare your plane to create holes you add 2 loop cuts then cut some more to make 5 cuts on each side. Why not add 5 cuts in the first place?

  2. creating a round shape from 4 faces is as easy as using To Sphere (Shift+Alt+S). Select 8 vertices and hit Alt+Shift+S, drag away until it’s perfectly round. Ta da!

  3. adding a support edge around the hole (@7min30): you add a ring, slide it, select 4 vertices and scale them in so they’re all at the same distance from the hole’s edge. You can do it faster by just adding the ring, sliding it until it
    overlaps the hole’s edge (ring is then perfectly round), hitting Enter and scaling it back out a little.

  4. duplicating the hole 4 times. It’s faster to create the hole once then keep a 1/4th of your model, add a mirror modifier on X and Y axis and apply the modifier when done. It also makes things easier if you decided, prior to applying the modifier to change the size or position of the hole. You do it once and the mirror modifier, well, mirrors your changes. :slight_smile:

  5. duplicating holes to create all faces could have been done prior to rounding the face’s corners so you don’t need to merge the vertex which was moved. So if you create all your dice faces with corners not being rounded, you then select 4 vertices of face ONE and scale them in. Then you click on 4 vertices of face TWO and hit Shift+R to repeat last action. In this case it’s scale by X amount so your vertices will be scaled by the same amount each time you hit Ctrl+R.

Hope this helps a bit!

Thanks JoolsMcFly for your quick tip, but i want to remind, what this is a tutorial, not a guide to SPEED MODELING. Thanks for watching.

Well, my tips are not for speed modelling but to avoid repetitive tasks. If you can get the same results but in half the time, why not?