VGcats project

hi Im phillipPbor

im looking for an artist that knows that style of vgcats to make 2 perfict character modal aeris and leo for the game called “VGcats 3D”
its a 3rd person RPG platform game.
that was about leo and aeris wake up in there house that turns out that there in the cyber world over run by main black-colored pixelated/lo-polygon enemy’s called the (D1s), they both have not remember how they got here or yesterday, until they both meet ronia the young kitten girl suffered amnesia, and short later has CODE powers (as magic powers) that can allow ronia to cast a editing spell for her to open paths, adding blocks to jump across, and elemental to fight enemy’s. just press SHIFT to pause then quickly type one word. like: fire, ice, zap, void, and slow… (p.s. if you type more then 5 letters, you’ll take slight damage from the explosion affront of a player.)

anyway this game has following stages, based on ANY rated games (even parodied) depending what difficulty:

each time you have completied 2 player’s with there side story, the rated level will increase

easy E: (leo) super mario world, (aeris) megaman/mighty.no9, (ronia) epic Oswald (mickey),

medium T: (leo) cave story, (aeris) Metroid other M, (ronia) okami,

hard M: (leo) off (mortis ghost), (aeris) resident evil, (ronia) silent hill,

and finally: a 3 part end level.

Anyone is here to join me will ask why first.