Vhs-C to Computer?

Is there a way to get my Vhs-C video onto my computer? I could convert it to VHS if necesarry. The camcorder has A/V outputs if tha’ts an option. Is there a plug on computers for accepting A/V imputs? and if not, are there usb A/V input devices available?

BTW: It’s for my claymation. I HAVE FINISHED IT!!! :smiley:

you can buy a box like dazzle that plugs into your usb (I bought one and hate it) or you can get a all in wonder card with an a/v input/output which is actually cheaper if you buy one that is not the top model (I bought one for 65 dollars I think)and you get a better image. or you can buy a card that is specifically for inputting video like canopus but now your getting into some serious change $$ http://www.canopus.com/US/products/ACEDVio/pt_ACEDVio.asp
I have heard of people using TV video input cards to get video signals Its an inexpensive way to do it but I also have read that the image quality sucks. If you go to websites like premiere the will give you a list of cards that the software is compatable with. All of them cost money

For future reference an easier way to do it is shoot your work on DV. input through firewire. but still the cost of a DV is still a little high compared to anologue.

I shot my movie before I had a Digital camera. But never mind, I have a S-video input on my computer.

s-video is good. you can buy RCA to s-video cables (you can roll your own but thats a pain) just google for the different connections and there are a number of online stores that sell them.

Wait. It hink it might be output. How do I tell? But then again, why would a regular computer (not laptop) have S-video output? :frowning:

Nooo! It IS output! What will I do?! :frowning:

your back to square one, type in video input cards or video capture cardsinto google.

i bought the Pinnacle Studio 8 AV.

although studio 8 has some nice features, it has some REALLY annoying things about it and it is the only program that can output your video via the AV card and the only program that can [realiably] capture it.

But, its only about $80 (i think) and it works well for me. It has analog input/output in both s-video and RCA. HOWEVER: it does not have audio inputs. You must hook up your camera audio to the computer (go to RadioShack and ask about it… they should be able to help you).

All in all its a good buy for beggining digital video editing.

some notes: make sure you have enough ram (128mb min - 256 + reccomended) and enough hard drive space (about 20 gig free depending on how much you want to capture.) if you’re only capturing a 10-20 minute video or so, you should have about 10 gig free for capturing and “elbow room”.

well, there you are!

(oh btw, Pinnacle Studio 9 is coming out very soon, so you’ll probably just want to buy that.)

Maybe your school has some solution like that?
Check around for someone who has a video input card and ask them if you borrow their comp. to capture your film.

I have win tv usb, not bad if your video is not too long; otherwise, it starts dropping frames.

how ive done this before is, record from the VHS using RCA out to a DV camera. then use firewire into a computer, but alot pcs dont have fire wire :expressionless:

My digital camera doesn’t have an RCA input. :frowning:

I bought a really really cheap webcam type thing, and it included a (PCI?)card for RCA or s-video in. It was only like $20, because it wasn’t the more popular USB format. I found mine at an electronics wherehouse type place that seems to have everything under the sun. The webcam itself is total crap, but the card seems to work well enough for analog capture. I also got a cable that converts the audio to go through my comp’s line in, that was like $3, but I guess for claymation the audio probably isn’t so important.
I just use mine for watching VHS tapes on my monitor, not for production of any type. Good luck finding a solution.

Hey! I found one! :smiley:

It’s the AverMedia EZMaker PCI card. The reviews I’ve read about it say that it is BETTER than the all-in-wonder, pinnacle, or dazzle inputs, and It’s only $50!

Have a look

Make sure to read the reviews too. :slight_smile:

Avermedia also makes a USB version of the same thing, about 60$ US. Both can be found at Office Max, I think Best Buy, Circuit City also.

AFAIK these AverMedia devices only work with windows, not Linux. They have fairly high requirements also, I think 1.2 gig? I forget. I know they won’t run on my 900 Meg machine.

Older ATI cards are cheap, but crash often under XP, but worked fine under 98. They also have a much lower hardware requirement and a TV tuner (this is the All-In-Wonder series of cards)

Both the ATI and AverMedia products will take input either in video composite (RCA jacks) and SVHS (the special plug)


Yeah, I got mine, It works GREAT! :smiley:
I’ll post my clayamtion as soon as I’m done.